Tuesday, July 29, 2008

personally, I find this personal

What's something that gets you mad? Seriously.

What gets me mad are the fans. Not you fans, but the fans of the bands I love. Why is it that the world has to (just has to) be so close to the ones they admire? Why can't so and so just be happy and not get interrogated for it?

In my opinion, you're a true fan if you love their music. You don't have to give them things, you don't have to know their names, you don't have to cry when they find out they're engaged to someone (not you). The most important thing is to love the band, yet people are misinterpreting the term "love" and "band" in the same sentence. They're getting mad at other fans who "are fat ugly bitches" or "don't even know their names" or "is just a skanky wannabe Audrey kitching". I'm not kidding. Those terms exist.

Some of the things people say on here are nice, while others are just plain sad. Take a look, and be amazed at the words that can come out of teenage girls.

-Karma Police

p.s. I talk about this subject way too much..

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