Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A.M. Graphics Page!

EDIT: 13 new banners have been added since this last post. They include normal, plain A.M. banners, quote banners, and some funny ones. Here is an example:

As for the more humorous'll have to go to the page to see for yourself!

-throws confetti-

The hard work on the HTML paid off. Our graphics page was successfully put together, and is now part of the Info-Center:

Acquired Minds: Graphics

Feel free to use the banners however you want, as long as you somehow have a way to get back to us from the banner. The second set of banners were made by Sendak. Thanks for helping us!

-the clam.

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1 comment:

digital delay said...

i think the fact that the backward shirt and the "f" word made it into the humor section just kicks bum (the reference to your rear...not the bum on the street kinda thing...)