Thursday, July 31, 2008


Okay, guys. Let's take a quiz. I'm going to ask you a question and you'll answer it.
Number one. My parents are. . . . .
a) strict and too overprotective
b) fun and supportive
c) nonexist or never around
Okay, pencil's down.
It was a trick question...There is no "correct" answer, is there?

Honestly, I answered 'a'. If you did also, then you probably have the type of parents that expect too much from you. Is it overwhelming? Yes, I bet it can be. The overprotective-ness really gets in the way, doesn't it? You might be irritated or angry at the things that they won't allow you to do or have (like go to a sleepover or a concert or something). There's always excuses. I, usually, find it really unfair. But then there's this excuse, I'm sure you all have heard: life IS unfair.

You may look out the window and see other kids with their friends roaming around freely in the world without a care, while you're stuck home doing chores and such. You may even get jealous at that...But your parents are probably doing this for a reason. They're possibly protecting you? Preventing you from getting kidnapped or hurt...I mean, the other kids probably have parents that don't even care, that are never around, that are absorbed in their work (or something else), that are never there....You'd think you're lucky with your strict parents...

But that's not what I get jealous of. Not those kids, no. I've seen others, with parents who are fun and nice. The supportive parents. I've seen kids who tell their parents practically everything. For gawdssake, the parents probably know all the school's gossip! The parents that say, "Hey look, there's that boy you like...Why don't you go talk to him?" Haha, that seems so unreal, because I just can't imagine doing that with my parents...

For kids, the question isn't "What kind of parents would you want to have?", but "What kind of parents do I have?"
And for parents, it's not "What type of parent do I want to be?", but "What type of parent should I be?"

There's always an upside in any of the answers you chose. The thing is, whether you "like" or your parents or not, you still love them...No matter what (Even when they seem to be the most unreasonable of all). And do you know why? It's because they're the probably the only people in the world who won't stop loving you. And that's what's most important of all.

I don't know whether or not this came from the heart,
but whatever.

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the clam said...

So very real. It's too bad most families can't be like those families you see on ABC Family. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Hm, nothing on the other options listed? It would have been interesting to see someone's thoughts on what it would be like if they had a different kind of parent. Or a few collected viewpoints, because who knows, what one calls "fun and supportive" can also be "embarrassing and nosy."

I choose
D) My parents are rather reliant on me. Don't forget about the little kids you're always reading about that grew up with alcoholic parents and had to help their parents, or do things themselves. (But that's not me, to anyone reading this. They were nice enough to get me a computer and internet.)

- A lazy Sendak.