Tuesday, July 29, 2008

housten, please don't have a problem

You can't help but wonder if you're going to die when you step onto an airplane to fly across the water. You may not notice, but in the dark recesses of your mind, there's a tiny part of you that's going 'will I explode?'. Things you shouldn't do before a long plane ride: NUMBER ONE: Watch Final Destination. NUMBER TWO: Drink milk and eat curry.

When you're on a plane ride you expect a few things:
-the feeling of excitement from getting off the ground
-the feeling of excitement you get when you see a good movie on the t.v.
-the feeling of 'goddamn when will this end' when you get bored
-the feeling of 'what time of day is it right now?'

It seems as if when you're in that plane for those fifteen hours, the world outside has stopped and you're in a world of your own. It's just you, the headphones, the static-y blanket, and microwaved food that you might secretly enjoy.

For me, I always think about the possibility of meeting someone interesting. The possibility of making one of those cliche friendships and writing to each other when the plane ride is over.

I also think about where I'm landing.

Wherever you're going it's probably somewhere drastically different (or at least slightly different) from where you left. A different culture, lifestyle, and etc... Maybe it'll change your life?

Whenever I go somewhere I hope I get to see something amazing that can tug at my heartstrings and such, but then again I'm a girl.

What I love most about airports is that when you're there you can see pretty damn interesting things.

For example: A security guard walking his german shepards. Those dogs are trained well and they walk straight with their noses sniffing for drugs.
A mother walking her two toddlers who are running wild in circles. You can just tell she needs help with them.

The downside of airports is that the food their is freakin' expensive.

Well either way this is a hint that I'll be out of town for three weeks in destination across the water. I'm sorry for disappearing the past few weeks and I have a very crummy reason why that I'm sure you won't want to hear, so I'm not going to say why my absence is so apparent.

Look for me at the LAX.
Just ask for Karma Police.

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my.great.ESCAPE. said...

I love you article. . .
It's just so....real (:

I recently flew on a plane by myself...and yes, i kept imagining my plane being attacked and taken over by terrorists or something...what if it crashed...what would i do...
I know thats kinda depressing, but it's completely possible.
Its distracting, the whole constant being suspicious and aware of people "reaching into pockets to pull something out" kinda thing...I tried not to think about it.

Good job :]

Anonymous said...

Really good article. Blech, I HATE airline food. When I flew to Hawaii, they served breakfast. It was waayyy better than the Chinese airline crap. But that doesn't make it good. I just hated it less. Except for their packaged blueberry muffins. That was good. I wanted one of those cliche friendships! But my sister sat next to me and a little kid kept kicking the back of my chair. WHY DO THE MEAN KIDS ALWAYS SIT BEHIND ME? First was the kid at Disneyland who kept whacking her wet paddle on my back at the Davy Crockett canoe ride, now this.*sigh
Anyway, have fun!