Thursday, July 31, 2008

July's Theme: Expectations

July has been quite an amazing month. We have ended up with 21 articles, rivaling March's 25 articles. We were really close...but no worries, we can try again next month!

Many debuts and changes were shown on the blog these past weeks. Sendak posted his very first article. The Info-Center (along with the graphics page) had its grand opening. Small graphical changes around the blog were made as well. Along with the changes, we have a couple new readers—and we really enjoy hearing their opinions!

Okay, okay. My rambling is done. Here's the summary for July!

What happens next? – Living up to your life's expectations.
The Unplanned – The joy of having the opposite take place.
House of Mirrors – Introvert? Or extrovert? You decide.
Acquired Minds: Info-Center! – Grand opening of our new informational branch.
Harry Potter: Shortened Down – Harry Potter book one...very much shortened.
Expectations—The Absurd and the Feasible – Common feelings of expectations.
The Day Before Today...Yesterday! – The second entertainment article.
Midnight. – The Twilight movie anxiousness.
A.M. Changes – July 16, 2008 – A few changes that were made to A.M.
The Edge of Safe – Guilty decisions may come your way.
A.M. Graphics Page! – Grand opening of the A.M. Graphics page.
Moving in Circles – Not ever knowing how to get there.
I Hold – Keeping it all bottled up.
A "Tire" Situation – A commonly over-looked epidemic.
A "GAS-ly" Disaster – Gas prices are not going to improve if we don't improve ourselves.
What You'll Be Looking For – A.M.'s most 'controversial' article to date.
housten, please don't have a problem – Darn you, airports.
personally, I find this personal – Some fans just don't know when to stop.
Fam[ily] – Your parents' overwhelming expectations.
Shallow Depth – Are celebrities really super-human?

What a month it has been. So many different topics, so many different opinions, and so many different problems. One way or another, we're going to have to solve it.

Thanks to a tie-breaker vote from Nathaniel, next month's (August's) theme will be: Impressions.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

-the clam.

~~...the hundredth article is coming...~~

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