Tuesday, July 15, 2008


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You know what I'm excited about???
The movie TWILIGHT that will come out this December!!!
...and the fourth book of the series, Breaking Dawn!
You have no idea...

The other day, I thought I could get a headstart at getting the book before it comes out. So I went to my library and requested a book (you can do that nowadays) so that when it comes out (which is August 2nd...*gasp*...the countdown begins), I can be one of the first to borrow it...
Smart right?
Except, it turns out that I'm like, the 348th person on the waiting list.
What luck.

Some people have asked, Will Twilight become the next Harry Potter? That's bold. Personally, I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan.....But then again, I'm a big Twilight fan, also. The series draws the attention of teenage girls and women of all ages...It's just fantastic. One fictional story can hold only so much imagination. The plot and characteristics of it all is so interesting and intriguing.

But then again, I've felt inspired by many books before.
...Let's just say, I didn't know it was possible to fall in love with a fictional book character ;D *Dreamy sigh**Sa-wooooon*
(J/K!...but not really...in a way...You know what I mean...)

Anyway, back to my point...
I don't really have a point, but since the theme is about expectations, I hope my expectations aren't too high for the upcoming Twilight movie...I've been keeping up with the new updates, watching the trailer (more than once, I might add), and stuff like that...It's rare that a movie is as good as the book, with detail and descriptions, but it's possible that a movie can come close...And I hope it does. (Although I don't expect it to be.)

Expect nothing,

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Anonymous said...

Don't ask me how I know this, but there's a new twilight trailer--ish thing on YouTube. I think it's called "Brand New Twilight Trailer".

--N. S.