Friday, July 11, 2008

House of Mirrors

Isolation can manifest in two ways it seems. I guess the way most people would put it would be just being alone. This is simply not having interactions with other people. It seems most people would take such actions in a negative light. Why would someone rather be alone? A bit odd don’t you think? Apparently not at all. Extroverts, introverts right? Social, anti-social, likeable, unlikable. But really, when did such a preposterous hypothesis come about? All that just fits into the general mainstream in what people should be doing. Whatever happened to not everyone’s the same? In a way it’s hypocritical. In a way it all comes down to understanding. That’s hard enough, people don’t have the time to bother with that now do they? Introverts and extroverts are terms that can be often misunderstood or misinterpreted. Can being alone occasionally not be healthy? It can be a chance to calm down, or try to understand yourself. I’m sure people all know that already. Maybe it’s the frequency or tendency of some people to wish to be alone that is misunderstood. Maybe some people enjoy being with others very much, and dislike being alone often. But someone completely different could very much like to be with others as well, maybe just on different terms or less often.

The other form of isolation could be extreme solitary confinement. This is when you’re really alone. Mostly this treatment is confined to prisoners and P.OW.s, but experiments have been carried out. Some were deemed to cruel, and in a way they were. When deprived of senses, you can go quite mad. Feelings of claustrophobia and madness creep up on you. Imagine being stuck in a room in the dark, not hearing anything, not seeing anything, not interacting with anyone, how long could you last, or at very least, keep you mind?

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