Friday, February 29, 2008

February's Theme: "Introduction"

Whether it be an introduction to a book, an introduction to your life's purpose, or an introduction to a plain ol' blog like this, every 'intro' is the beginning of an adventure to come.

The Acquired Minds is part of that adventure.

From the very first real topic ("Peers: The Pressure is ON!") to the very last topic ("Greed and Need (AKA Money)"), this entire month has been a surreal adventure through what every human being is likely to be going through (or rather, will be going through).

Here's a review of all the major articles this month:

- Have a secret talent? Show it ("'I don't care about my Guilty Pleasure...' Oh, yeah RIGHT!")!

- There's a new fashion trend going around--wearing your shirt backwards ("Huh?").

- Don't know where your mother, sister, wife, etc. have gone? No need to starve--"Mother, where'd you put the prime steak?" has arrived!

- Ever wondered how to start a topic when you're hanging out with a special someone? Try "topic starters (& a bit of other things)".

- Who came up with the 'leap year' anyhow? Check out "I'd rather not leap, Julius."

- Last but not least--what in the world does the literal term Acquired Minds mean? Go to "Great Minds Think Alike?!"

That's about it. We hope you enjoyed February's collection of articles and posts. Cheers to many more uber articles to come (haha)!

-the clam.

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