Thursday, February 28, 2008


Welcome to Acquired Minds.
You've probably gotten to poking around a bit already.
So I'm probably a bit late to say "Greetings".
Let's just get started.

Woah. Who in the world named this blog "Acquired Minds" anyway?
What the heck does acquired even mean?
Hmm. Mr. Webster says:


(past and past participle ac·quired, present participle ac·quir·ing, 3rd person present singular ac·quires) vt

1. get something: to get or obtain possession of something

2. develop something: to learn or develop something

3. locate something by radar: to locate an object such as an aircraft or ship by the use of radar or other detector

So it's obviously not 3. That's for sure. Hah.
But this makes no sense. "To get or obtain" Minds??? "To develop" Minds???
You probably already noticed that I'm not the brightest tool in the shed.
Did I say that right?
Oh well, who cares.

But moving on. . . . .
Get to know me.
Get to know US.
What did Nathaniel Stanton say? That "there's nothing really special" about us? That "we're just ordinary people"?
Well, I'm sorry, but i must disagree!
Personally, i think we're PRETTY SPECIAL people.
I dont give a rat's ass about what YOU think, but in my defense, we're more that just ordinary. We're Pretty.Odd. We're Pretty.Normal. We're what makes "us".

I must find something to write about.
I could write about anything. Nothing. Something. EVERYTHING.
But what?
Why must all my co-authors be all serious?
*Gasp* Everyone has already started writing about something. Something meaningful, inspirational, and exciting. And here I am, just messin' around with absolutely nothing to talk about.
Hmm. I'll keep my options open.
But I know exactly what I should say now.
This is the conclusion of the Introduction of my part of this blog.
My very first blog, actually.
You know, sort of like, the end of the beginning, the beginning of the middle? Yeahhh.
And until next time, when I'll actually start ranting about something meaninful, exciting, and maybe (just maybe) inspirational.

*Peace Out*

- my.great.ESCAPE

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey my.great.ESCAPE. . . Don't worry about starting late cuz when u do write ur next article, it will be fantabulous. . (lolz). . .n e ways. . . good luck and i look forward to more!