Tuesday, February 26, 2008

topic starters (& a bit of other things)

Well, I'm welcoming myself to this little site of "acquired minds".

The name's an alias; Karma Police. (way cooler than THE CLAM, huh? hahahaha)
Because what goes around comes around, and I want to see it happen.
I'm an anonymous. No real name, no location, no age. I'm just here.
Oh, and I'm a girl (a chick, a female, etc...), so yeah, I'm opinionated.

So first things first; hello.
I have no idea what the hell to write, so I guess my first topic makes sense, no?


Whether you're trying to pick up a date, or pick up a new friend, the most important thing is having something to talk about. Think She's The Man; you've gotta have FLOW.

Say you're walking your dogs (and I don't have a dog, but this is just a point).
You see another person with their dog, and you guys are suddenly stuck walking right next to each other, because your dogs seem to want to be best friends. Yeah, things are getting awkward, so why not talk about your dogs?
Wonder out loud why it is your dogs are so attracted to each other (What kind of breed? What gender?) and eventually build up to the most important part; your name. Introduce yourself first!

So in case dogs don't work for conversation starters let's talk about the universal language called music.

Do not judge a person by their music. Ask them what they're listening to, ask them why you like them, ask them anything, just don't criticize their band. EVEN IF THEY LISTEN TO SOMETHING YOU COMPLETELY HATE. I mean, the views and perspectives of people are important. If you wonder why it is people like bands like.... Paramore, or maybe Underoath? Or listen to nothing but classical music! Why not ask instead of judge them for that?

And guess what if you really hate the music they listen to and find their musical intellect incredibly crippled, you can always give recommendations! I love giving them, and who else doesn't (raise your hand).'

The point of topic starters is to feel comfortable. That's the simplest thing. Find a topic comfortable for you!

I'd like to continue this, but unfortunately I feel myself going into the topic of music rather than Topic Starters. Leave comments. if ANYONE comes on here, at least.

Anyways this is my first blogpost, so cut me a bit of slack, yeah? I'll get better, I swear.
And this is pretty good effin advice.

Life is good, life is great,
(I'm trying hard not to write XOXO)

karma police.

p.s. leave some topic starters of your own :)

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Anonymous said...

Hahah OMG ur SUCH a dorkk!! I mean, dogs??

<3 my.great.ESCAPE.

Anonymous said...

hey give Karma Police a lil credit. what if u were an extremely shy dog lover? that would b the ultimate advice for them!