Friday, February 29, 2008

I'd rather not leap, Julius.

Hey there...again.

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Well, the clam is back, with his not-so-humorous cheesy articles (I feel ashamed...).

Hah, today's Leap Year day. Happy Leap Year's Day. Those poor unfortunate souls who get born today...their birthday doesn’t come in another four years. Next thing you know, they're 20 already.

In fact, who even came up with the LEAP YEAR anyhow? Thanks to Yahoo! News, I finally know (not that I cared four years ago...).

You know that fancy looking, grand hotel in Las Vegas? The one with the tall giant pillars, naked statues, and humungous fountains? Yeah, the Caesars Palace. And NO, it wasn't because of the hotel that leap year was the guy it was named after. Julius Caesar—and his wife Cleopatra. After marrying his Egyptian wife, he found out that the Egyptian calendar had an extra day every four years—and the Roman calendar did not. I sense jealously there, Julius. *tsktsk*

Okay, well, after all these discoveries made by the unheard-of-smartness of the Egyptians, the 'jealous Julius' decided to add a day every four years in his calendar too. Seriously, envy is the killer of all things.

I find that funny. People wayyy back in the days were so SMART. They created all sorts of things...inventions, ideas, and all these things we use today. We have all the technology we could ask for nowadays, and guess what, we're all dumb folks. Seriously. Could YOU sit down and just invent an airplane or something...or come up with the theory of gravity? I don't think so.

Anyhow, that was totally random. But Happy Leap Year's Day.

"'s more painless...for the brainless..." [From 'Wicked'--Song: 'Dancing Through Life'] I totally agree...

-the clam.

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digital delay said...



not as un-hilarious as you believed this to be

Anonymous said...

haha. . .that really gives u somthin to think bout. why are we so lazy nowadays?