Friday, February 29, 2008

Great Minds Think Alike!?

I like the new blogs that Acquired Minds posted.
Woah. Aquired Minds. I've got to get used to saying that.
Anyway, I feel like branching off of what The Clam said.
It's Leap Year.
Happy Birthday to those who were born on Leap Day February 29th.
Yesh, it is kind of a disadvantage to have a birthday every FOUR years. But on the bright side, who'd think of this:

  • Being able to drive at four years old.
  • Able to drink at five years old.
  • Vote at age five. Who, by the way, are YOU hoping becomes president this year?

Hahah, pretty strange, huh?

And what about all that stuff that Digital Delay mentioned?

Well, I think he as a point when he says "There seems to be a lot of things around that are just messed up." and I totally agree. 100%.

Money, indeed, brings happiness. But everybody has wants and needs. Of course, your needs are more important. Such for survival, the computer for work, money to raise your family...

But then you've got these other things. A list full of 'em. Your wants. Like, for instance, that extra cookie. Not only does it satisfy your tastebuds wants, but it also makes you fat. Do you really want that? I didn't think so. Then, for the computer, you NEED to do your homework; but, let's use it look up, oh, I don't know...pornomimes? Can you say horny WANTS?? Now that's where things get out of control...

Oh, and to answer your question, Digital Delay, those famous people with their great lives and fame do drugs for oh, so many reasons! The most obvious: They want the attention. Hah, like they don't get enough already? All I seem to hear on the radio these days are Britney Spears...bald.......Angelina Jo Li...another alien kid.......Amy AGAIN.......Jessica Alba...pregnant?.......What a reputation, right? Geez, people these days...It's like, their perfect life is ruined the next friggin' day. What the crap? Gossip and rumors? Nah. You know what's funny? The other day, in school, the teacher made us write down 10 rumors we've been hearing around us on a piece of paper.

  1. So and so got herself a boyfriend.
  2. He's going to ask her out again?
  3. So and so has hair??
  4. Woah, they kissed at the park yesterday.
  5. He got suspended. for punching some guy.
  6. Dude's got big ears.
  7. He's going to dump her tomorrow cuz he still likes her best friend.
  8. He grew.
  9. So and so and got into a fist fight at lunch.
  10. Jessica Alba is pregnant.

Then what do we do? We had to rip the papers up and throw them away into the trash can. That's it. It was supposed to teach us something? But all I got out of it was, how many trees did we just waste? How many minutes were wasted? Pencil lead? Oh gosh.

Why is it so easy to waste time? Yet, it takes up no time at all to waste time.

I dont if know that made any sense :/

But usually, I would catch every single episode of Grey's Anatomy. You know, that awesome show on ABC? Well, if you don't like it, then I don't care what you think. Damn screenwriters, going on strike. Didn't that whole chaotic thing end already? How come my show isn't on anymore?? It must come on soon.

*Peace Out*

- my.great.ESCAPE

P.s. Nathaniel Stanton: If I have a cold hot pocket, is it just a pocket?

P.s.s. Karma Police: I think I need more tips on dealing with temptation. Uh-oh, that came out kind of wrong, huh?

P.s.s.s. Getting the ideas for writing blogs gets me excited. Yay.

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wow ur articles really get me thinkin. . . !!! great stuff!