Monday, February 25, 2008

Minds Are Now Acquired...

Hey there.

I bet you're wondering why you're reading this.

It's one of two things: 1.) You randomly clicked a random blog. 2.) You were bored.

Either way, you're here.

Let's get to know a little about me first of all. I'm a gajillion years old (perks of being a clam?). I live in the deep darks of the sea--living my life not that I have any other choice.

'K, let's get to the point of why I'm here and talking to everybody in the first place. I'll lay it down directly--I want to share my opinions of the world...*a shreik is heard in the distance*. If you find that uncomfortable or boring, you may press that little 'X' in the corner of this window to exit. I simply want to get my ideas and opinions out there, and let everyone think of the world's problems and topics in the perspective of another person other than themselves. Well, TA-DA! This is why the Acquired Minds are here. If you're having a problem with deciding on what to do with a certain topic, we'll be here for your 'other-man-perspective' (O.M.P.!...ugh, cheesiness). I, personally, speak my mind (and at times, I'll be biased), but it's all up to you to take that opinion in and consider it to your advantage (ever noticed the comments button?).

I'm not doing this alone. There's a couple billion people out there in the world--I'm sure a few others would like to share their opinion as well. And so, I will have other people than myself write in the Acquired Minds (share the love, peoples). where's karma police...

As for now, I must go. I will update my new blog with the first topic (whenever I have the time). If you think all this is boring, again, you may leave. Just don't regret it...damn, my reverse psychology isn't working, is it?

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