Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Well.....lets see here...

Seeing as how the other posts mentioned a few select words (music, recommendations, guilty pleasure, shy,etc.)....blahblahblah

Everybody has something they do, which quite frankly, they might be embarrassed of. I'm actually quite embarrassed to say I've never actually attempted to sing. Perhaps the occasional joke or something, but never sincerely. I think that's quite appalling. I do, however, have another thing. Two words : air guitar. Honestly, how can You (maybe just me) not air guitar to Weezer's Blue Album? Rivers Cuomo came up with same great solos. Or how about Paranoid Android's insane choruses? Along with all that, I do lip-sync...a lot. I just can't help myself but to lip-sync to certain stuff . Especifically Tegan and Sara's Relief Next to Me, The Con, Back in Your Head, blahblahblah and my favorite, the end of Burn Your Life Down.

Yup, it's hard not to laugh at someone like me, even I do.

Of course, there's the real guitar. Then again, what's the point when you can't even play it. Another favorite, that never fails to cheer me up, Weezer's El Scorcho

Some Random Stuff

  • During a portion of writing this, my shirt was backward
  • Also, for a short time, i was eating a Klondike bar (delicious)
  • Why doesn't anyone make cheap jazzmaster or double cutaway Les Paul copies?
  • So far, my favorite bass line ever is Only in Dreams
  • Love Paranoid Android, and its reference to Marvin from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, one of the best literature characters ever
  • Why do I not know anyone who likes Tegan and Sara, other than being great musicians, they're also hilarious...
  • I'm a guy, so my opinions would be......no idea
  • I have no natural talent in anything
  • I'm also a jerk.

yes, the date does make this look like I went into the future

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pam said...

best article ever :)
I love that your shirt was backwards.

send me paranoid android if you could please? thanks :)

and you ain't a jerk or I'm a jerk!

Nathaniel Stanton said...

Haha. A Klondike bar. I dunno why that's funny...

Language Arts today was funny. Some kid was talking about how big his butt was, and how he'd shoot someone with his big laser gun.

You should meet him, dude.

Anonymous said...

I think the Random part was very creative :]

Total inspirational artical.
Love it.

p.s. you are not a jerk!?


the clam said...

I told you! I wasn't the only one that found your article hilarious...(anyone have their shirt backwards?)

Haha, +1 more comment for ya ;).

Anonymous said...

i don't know who u are so i wouldn't know if u were a jerk or not. but i would think not. hehe. but great work! this site is beginning to grow on me!!!!