Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Peers: The Pressure is ON!

Ah, my first real article.

Peers peers peers...for the sake of us all, consider that overly-unused-word as 'friends'.

Every single person in this world has gone through peer pressure at one point in their lives. One time it's about the 'looks'...another time it's about the things you do...friend pressure is a really tough thing to follow. It's because of this that we all strive to become better than what we already are. We adjust things about ourselves that, most of the time, didn't need to be adjusted in the first place.

Now, everything that has a bad thing comes with a good thing (same goes with vice versa). Sure, our friends make us do things we'd never think we would do--but sometimes, they do it for good reason. They're the ones that give you feedback...the people that tell you if something you're doing is wrong.

As for the people who are stuck in complete humiliation--why don't they just sit themselves down and re-analyze themself? I find it funny how they aren't SEEING what other people are doing to them, but instead, continuing doing what's driving them down the normal-people-scale.

Jeez, it's already 8:50 P.M. here...I gotta get goin'. Hopefully Karma police can arrive and spiff this space up...G'night. OH--by the way, if you're feeling any sympathy for us, would you please add us to your Technorati Favorites? (I did not just beg)

-the clam.

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