Sunday, August 3, 2008

Long Lasting

The one-hundredth article is next! We'll recount all the ol' days... Oh, and by the way—try not to post anything until after the 100th, fellow A.M.'s! It's going to be good :).

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Leaving an imprint in the sand is the same as leaving an impression on a person. The stronger you let down, the deeper the impression.

After a long period of time, meeting someone again (even though you may know this person very well) can get you nervous. Nervous for the fact that you may have changed since you both last met. From appearances to personality, a lot can change in a person. Making a second, third, or the hundredth impression will just be as important as the first.

Nonetheless, impressions after the first won't be as tough as the one that introduced who you are. Walking into a job interview in your shorts and casual t-shirt isn't going to get you anywhere. But I just wanted to show my free-spirited personality! After all, people say that I'm too formal and professional sometimes. As great as a professional as you may be, you have plenty of time to show your free-spirited personality after you get the job—that is, if you had left a good first impression on your interviewers.

There are many different individuals in the world, though. Some are completely off the wall, while others are strictly proper. There are many people who don't care about their appearances and impressions at all, in addition to those who are absolutely obsessive about who they are. It's tough to change that.

Not to mention: leaving an embarrassing long-lasting impression. Though you might not know it, someone might still remember you peeing in your pants in first grade (yes...something as embarrassing as that will stay with people forever), or you getting drunk at a party and admitting that you can't sleep without a nightlight.

"Stride – The Ridiculously Long-Lasting Gum!" <--Yeah, leave a good impression as long-lasting as that...well, maybe not that long.

-the clam.

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my.great.ESCAPE. said...

You are so right about the nervousness someone may get after meeting people again after a long period of time!!! That is so true. Ive had that feeling, and its almost overwhelming. But after a while, it all goes back to normal...Almost like it used to be :) and thats the best part.

Hmmm, what should i wear to my first day of school tomorrow? First impressions are important, knowing how certain people decide what they think of you within the first few minutes. Im taking an awful lot more time deciding how to make an appearance that i should be. (Hmm, which is better, maroon calls out "nice", but navy calls out "smart"...ha ha)

nietzsche216 said...

We worry most about disappointing those who know us the most.
First impressions are important.
People are different.
We worry about leaving long-lasting embarrassing impressions.

All true. All worthwhile topics deserving greater depth of thought, hopefully in future posts.