Wednesday, August 6, 2008

and he asked 'how do you think of me?'

Greetings ya'll from across the universe, this is karma police telling you about what I think about first impressions... and well, that's basically it.

First impressions can mean a lot to a person, if the person is the judgmental type. They can mean very little for the ones who like to get to know a person really well. For me, I think I fall under the category of "judge first, then talk to and change mind". Does that make sense?

And impression can be for anything from a person, a thing, to a country. When you meet a person with his shirt tucked in and glasses pulled high up his nose, and shoes that were shined twice, you wouldn't assume he was going for a job interview, you'd assume he's a nerd. When you see a toy broken in five places on the floor looking flimsy, you don't assume that a baby has strong teeth, but that the toy was bad quality. When you enter a country where there are cats, dogs, and rats on the street and all restaurants have no doors, you won't assume that it's because they've got a strange government, but that it's because the people there don't take care of things. Am I right?

Impressions mean a lot, and when you're a friendly type, you want to make good impressions. You don't want your boss catching you half naked in a fountain with men groping you. No, you don't, and that's what matters. First impressions can be anything from having a firm handshake, meeting their eyes, to having good hosts and lots of delicious food.

What about the impressions after that? Are they as important? What about the second and third, and fourth? Shouldn't you always make a good impression?!

I swear, I'm not going ballistic, it's just that I'm in the future;

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nietzsche216 said...

There are times where the impressions you make on other people are of the utmost importance. Then there are the times that you must have other people care about the impressions they make unto you.