Friday, August 15, 2008

And you are...?

Are you tired of trying to impress everybody? I know how that feels...You try so hard to get certain people's attention; you just want to be noticed for once. But all your hard work and effort doesn't get you anywhere. It seems to not be making any difference.

So you change your clothes, your hair, your style, and your personality. It's not worth it, at all. Maybe impressing someone means you be yourself? It really is. It just takes others more than enough time to realize it, and notice you for you.

You can possibly be the type of person who takes time to "connect" to a new environment, such as high school. It might take you a while to get comfortable, a while to start talking, a long time to actually make a new friend. It could be hard, not being used to getting to know someone. Come out of your shell, and introduce yourself. Make a good first impression.

Or, you can possibly be the friendly, cheerful, talkative one. Greeting and meeting new people everywhere you go- on a bus, in a school- clicking and becoming instant friends with anyone. (Oh, how I wish I could have that ability.) That's good. Hooray for you!

Whichever type of person you are, not only does the first impression matter, but each and every one after that does, too. Making a good impression every single time leads to a great friendship and high praise. Have your words stuck in their heads all day (in a good way, of course). Have that crush falling head over heels for you ;)

Make someone laugh/smile , you'll be left with a tingling feeling inside, and you'll definately feel like wanting to celebrate.

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