Sunday, August 31, 2008

August's Theme: Impressions

Finally, the month of smoldering heat (in most countries) has ended. After July, August became another drought month. An article pops up every now and then…it seems like everyone is starting to get busy around the late-summer and early-fall season.

Now, the summary:

Long Lasting – Everything will last…even if you might not know it.
100th Article Awards – Awards that celebrate our 100th milestone.
and he asked ‘how do you think of me?’ – Opinions of the other person.
Staring at Headlights – Going against your conscience.
Joy and Thunder – The greatest naturally invented exercise: laughter.
fiction is a form of symbolism, I believe – Anticipating the moment to come.
Blind Pursuance – Chasing after fantasized goals.
A Small Analysis – The many other definitions of ‘impressions’.
And you are…? – The glance you receive when you shake the first hand…
Right from Wrong – Separating what’s fair, and what’s unjust.
Broken Hinges – Metaphoric glory.
Locked Outside – Shutting out the reasonable.
Two-Week Unity – The glorious 2008 Olympics.
A Matter of Style – Impressing by dressing.

Since it’s already midnight while I am typing this, I’ll skip right to the conclusion.

Here’s to next month’s (September’s) theme: Hiding Beneath.

-the clam.

P.S. The September header banner won’t go up until later…sorry for the delay.

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