Monday, August 25, 2008

A Matter of Style.

Do you dress to impress? People say your appearance can really matter...that how you dress tells a lot about you. For half the people out there, it really does. If you look casual, it might seem like you are a simple, down-to-earth kind of guy/gal. If someone constantly wears vibrant colors, you might be under the impression that they are joyful and bright. One that dresses darkly may...I dont know, like dark colors?

On the other hand, appearances might tell absolutely nothing about a person. The other half of people may only dress (up or down) just because. Either it be to fit in with a group, or to look important...they're trying, but it's just not who they are. I prefer to dress casually, to feel comfortable, yet to look presentable. As long as I don't have bed hair or I'm not in my pajamas (not that there's anything wrong with pjs), then I'm good.

Does the way YOU dress call out "you"?
Don't judge.

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digital delay said...

i dress so im not naked all the time....or even most of the time...or at all...

my.great.ESCAPE. said...

LOL, that's a greattt reason to dress every day.