Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two-Week Unity

Backtracking through my recent previous articles...the IOC has now commanded an official investigation on the age issue (jeez, I care wayyy too much on other people's business...[I can't believe I just insulted myself]). And no, I am in no way against China—I respect China. I just want things to be proper and fair, that's all. If China wants to save some of their pride, they shouldn’t be covering something as childish as this (no pun intended).

(Hmm...where has everyone else on the blog gone?)

It's hard to believe the Beijing Olympics are going to end in just three days (actually two days over there in Beijing). Such oxymoron—it felt short, but at the same time, it felt as if it took forever (Miss mourning glory, in the distance: "OXYMORON!" ...please ignore that). So many records were broken, so many dreams came true, and so many hearts were shattered.

What's my opinion of how the games went? Overall, excluding all the controversy, the Swedish wrestler, and the horrendous judges who scored the gymnastic routines...I think the games went very well. Many of us had expected a great display at the Opening Ceremony, but China exceeded expectations and absolutely blew us away with such raw talent. We all knew Michael Phelps would be able to accomplish his task (but hey, you can't deny having at least some thoughts that doubted he could do it). Some countries weren't able to defend their gold, but without new gold-medalists, how are we going to have new champions?

I've waited for four years since the 2004 Athens Games to watch the Summer Olympics again, and I have been totally satisfied. I ended up making myself stay up until 1 AM in the morning just to watch the late night competitions—with the thought in my head: " comes once every four years. I should make the most of it..." Yes, I care more about it than most other people, but that's just a personal preference :).

Okay, off to go do other stuff. I suggest you do that also, unless you prefer to stay right where you are and browse through other Acquired Minds articles...*cough*

-the clam.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder what they're gonna do for the closing ceremony. Interesting article. :)

Peace out, yo.