Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blind Pursuance

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"Weigh what you want against what makes sense."

That's from my horoscope today (I don't check my horoscope everyday or anything...it just gets sent to my e-mail). Probably one of the better ones I've heard...those horoscopes can be really blunt and honest sometimes—and not in a good way.

Most people always plead for things that either 1. can't be done/achieved or 2. is against any factual belief. Take a little girl for example. How are you supposed to get her a unicorn, or take her to the land of cute, bubbly faeries when it's simply not possible? How are you going to make your son a Power Ranger? There are so many things that we all wish could be true, could be done. It's just too bad the world doesn't work that way.

I'm not saying that things cannot be done or achieved, though. Everyone always says "nothing is impossible." But everyone needs to keep in mind that it only applies to things that are "fact" and "makes sense". As much as I'd love to believe that someday I can fly, it's just not humanly possible. If you have a similar dream, such as piloting a plane, that's a dream worth pursuing. There's probably some human race in another galaxy far, far away that could fly, but as for now, Earth-humans just aren’t birds (who knows, there's probably a planet in some other galaxy that has living, breathing Pokemon).

Oh, and something that bothered me—deleting. It's so annoying when I accidentally delete a photo on my camera. Yes, I know that there's always a confirmation after you press the delete button ("Would you like to delete this?"), but sometimes I do it too quickly and it gets deleted. You see, back then, with the old, conventional cameras that use film, if you take a photo, you're stuck with it no matter what. The downside is that you can't review the photos. Now, with the digital cameras, you can review the photos, but you have the risk of accidentally deleting a photo. -sigh-

-the clam.

P.S. Keep it up, Michael Phelps!

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P.S. I do that accidental deleting thing with cameras too.