Friday, August 15, 2008

Right from Wrong

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First off, I would like to announce the release of the Info-Center's Blog Mechanics Guide. Technically, it was released August 5, but I haven't had the chance to actually announce it until now :). Also, the History page has been re-done, and more images have been added.

Okay, back to my article.

Impressions and impressing...

Sendak, I see your point. I know things can get monotonous, and that's why I won't actually be writing an article on impressions. Rather, I'll just talk about recent events.

Like I've said previously before in my past article, leaving an embarrassing impression is the most dreaded impression you can leave. But, as M.G.E. has stated, leaving good impressions will stay with people just as long as an embarrassing one. Many years into the future, just as people know you as the one with the nightlight, they'll know you as the one with the generous personality. Either way, impressions are impressions. -shrug-


So many prideful things are associated with the Olympics. The monthly theme of 'Pride and Prejudice' has long passed, but the subject of the Olympics is too good to pass.

As you may already know, the Olympics only come around once every four years (well, two years if you consider both Winter and Summer). Athletes from all over the world compete to be named "Champion of ___". A very worthy title indeed. A great flood of pride showers you whenever you win something as big as that. Not only do you feel it, but your entire country will feel it as well. I'm sure Michael Phelps is very proud of what he has done, but I'm also sure his mother is very proud as well—to have such a son is a pride well-earned.

One very discussed subject—whether the Chinese women gymnasts' ages are credible—keeps on arising. I agree with the blogger on Yahoo!'s Fourth Place Medal blog. The IOC (International Olympics Committee) should throw in an investigation on this matter. Why? If, truly, the girls are 16 and are valid, they don't deserve all this suspicion and evil gossip. They should enjoy their gold medals happily. But, if in fact, they are not 16, than the competition should play fair, and the gold medals should be rightfully awarded to the Americans. See? Either way, an investigation would bring truth and honesty to all. But everyone is still wondering why the IOC hasn't done this sooner. Is it a sign of pride and respect to China, the host nation? Is it because of money? One thing's for sure—this is the Olympics, and fair play should be expected no matter what.

Oh, and that Swedish wrestler that stormed off the podium and threw his bronze medal on the floor—shame on him. I'm not afraid to say that, because seriously...some people dream of getting to the Olympics, and dream of even getting any medal at all. You should respect the medal, its competitors, and everything that you earn. You were blessed to get this opportunity, yet you threw it away as if it was yesterday's trash.

Ah, that was a nice ramble from me. It's just some topics that were bugging my head the past couple days.

-the clam.

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