Monday, August 4, 2008

The 100th Article Awards

In celebration of reaching our 100th Article on Acquired Minds, we decided to have a little awards presentation. Only difference is, you'll be the one "opening the envelope".

Under each category, just click the "...and the winner is..." button, and the winner will be revealed to you. It will include the person who wrote the article, the name of the article (and a link leading to it), and the date on which it was written. All article links open in a new window, so be sure your pop-up blocker is disabled.

Have fun!

Most Debated (and Commented) Article:

Most Late Debut Article:

Most Lengthy Article:

First "Duo" Article:

First Humor Article:

Most Lengthy Article Title:

Most Question Marks in an Article:

First Historical Information Article:

Best Use of Metaphors in an Article:

Most "Topics-Within-One-Subject" Article:

Article that Most Makes You Self-Question Yourself:

Alright. There are your winners. Let's look onward to the next 100, 1000, and 10000 articles!

-All of Acquired Minds.

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