Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Small Analysis

This was my first impression when I saw this blog:

”…Wow, this is what people in the world today are doing. Is this… disappointment?”

My first thought was to leave, and for a short time, I did. Then, I thought it might be interesting to see what happens. Overall, sitting here and observing hasn’t done that much for me, but there have been recent events that made it a little more fun. Such as reading the comments.

One of the things that kind of bothered me since I started thinking is that people who work on the monthly articles do the same topic. This month’s theme is impressions. Yet, both the articles on impressions have been about first impressions. What happened to the other types of impressions? What about the kind of impressions that can forever twist an innocent mind into something hideous? What happened to the kind a psychologist can have on a hikkomori? Have they been forgotten? You may have gotten the job you wanted, but how is working there going to change you?

I haven’t bothered to take a second look at the articles past last month since the labels seem to be flying off to articles that might only mention it once to hint at the theme, but it still holds true. Most of the articles were on the downside of expectations when things go wrong. I can understand that that might be a memorable part of the cycle, but it’s not going to be as much if all of us are teaching the same life lessons. We get different opinions on that, but as we present our points of view, the focus on the subject becomes narrower. If we think about first impressions all the time, we’re going to loose track of what else is important. So what if we got that interview because you looked like a nerd? You won’t be able to hold that job if you just slack off after that. First impressions are important, but there are other things that are just as important.

I know how stupid most people think this article sounds. The person who barely wrote anything, done almost nothing around here, is telling people that they should think about other things. Why don’t I just write an article about the different kinds of impressions? That wouldn’t do much. It would only be another monthly article, just another pile of words to add to the growing heap. This way, the tendency itself is spoken to. This way, we can look at this and see how we can improve. I may not do much, but that doesn’t mean I can’t donate my two cents.

So, now I ask you. Are we going to focus our observations on a specific coordinate, or are we going to think about the entire plane?

And to keep the idea of impressions circling about, a simple doodled tribute. Wow, this is perhaps the worst thing I have ever written and drawn. But for now, the quality of the picture isn't the most important part.

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