Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brighter Than Sunshine

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I've been searching for things. Important things.
Just ordinary thoughts.

Have you ever felt the need that you are missing out on something in your life? Maybe even someone or someplace?
Maybe you have a desire to travel the world and go to places like Paris or Italy, Tokyo or Alaska. Or, if you'd prefer, a made-up land, like NeverNeverLand or World's End, Narnia or La-La Land?

Have you ever dreamed of being in a fairytale or fantasy?
It's like, this moment of awe, and then it's gone. Sometimes I just wish it could stay...for a bit longer. Or maybe it would even take me into the Make-Believe World, the Disney World, with the storybook endings and fairytales coming true...?

But no. Since we're in reality, we should think realistically.
Have you ever thought of where your life would be, say, five years from now? Or ten? I'm not talking 'what you want to be when you grow up' if you do grow up, I'm talking the BIG PICTURE: 'He's going to be living in a two bed-room apartment on Main Street of New York City, working part-time bagging grocery bags at the Wal-Mart two blocks down (every Monday through Friday), while he takes Intern Prep classes at the local College to become a somebody.' You know what I mean? Have you ever planned your life out that specifically?

You're twenty-one.
Have you ever fantasized about meeting your true love? When that's going to happen, where you're going to be, what it's going to be like, or who it would be? How would you know for sure that s/he is the one? Either you just have that feeling or, that's right, you just don't know.
How's your wedding going to be like? Life after that? You just don't know.

You're thirteen.
Ever imagined your first kiss? What it would be like? Who with? Where? More importantly, HOW that would work? I mean, there must be millions of thoughts running through your mind...
  • How are you actually supposed to kiss someone?
  • Am I doing this right? I mean, it's not like someone actually taught you, right????? Picture this: 'Who taught you how to kiss like that?'...'My older brother...' Can you say awkward!?
  • What if I'm wearing glasses?
  • What if I have on braces?
  • What are you supposed to do with your...nevermind.
  • What to do...

You might turn out to be the most amazing kisser in the world...or the absolute worst.
Is it something you just...pick up? Who knows.....You'll figure it out, you're smart ;]

What kind of person are you?
Are you the type of person that would sit back, watch Global Warming and other problems occur right before your eyes?
Or are you the one that would actually get up off your lazy @$$ and do something about it?
You might say 'Fuck the world' today, but tomorrow you might actually care.

Be BRIGHT [brighter than sunshine!] and SPONTANEOUS.
Be romantic and FUNNY, relaxed and SERIOUS.
First and foremost, be YOURSELF.

My advice to you.
*Peace Out*

- my.great.ESCAPE

((...Woah, that's a lot of bullcrap right there. Don't listen to me. They're just guidelines and things to think about anyway. And believe me, that one part [with the bullets?] was really awkward for me to write.))


mourning.glory said...

"I mean, it's not like someone actually taught you, right????? Picture this: 'Who taught you how to kiss like that?'...'My older brother...' Can you say awkward!?" Hilarious!

digital delay said...

i love la-la land!