Wednesday, March 5, 2008

There only exists one Hawk...

I have seen many people. Many many kinds of people.

I've seen the worse of the worse. I've seen the weirdest of the quirkiest.

But there can only be one person that can be honored in one, whole blogpost...*hintthisonehint*

And no, she isn't cheesy...and she doesn't tell cheesy jokes...well, only if you consider it to be cheesy, which I don't...which, in the end, totally depends on your opinion...unless your opinion says that she really is cheesy...which I don't think so...OKAY you get the point.

It's the infamous, unmatched...


In categories of helpfulness, niceness (if that's a word...where's the walking dictionary when I need him), generousness, and all-around great person, she's the one you oughta be looking out for.

We all starve for her intellectual...-ness.

She knows things about you that you don't even know about yourself...-shivers-. Don't go against her when it comes to predicting things...

I've never seen someone with such mannerisms. Okay, I'll admit it. I didn't know this least, until Lady Hawk mentioned it: "You need to knock on the door before you enter, even if it's open."

My god...for a person who's trying to honoring someone, I'm not doing a very great job. Well, if you're reading this, Lady Hawk, let it be known that you're the greatest person ever!

-sorry- Just had to blurt it out.

-the clam.

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