Saturday, March 8, 2008

music and the world of stereotypes.

"Hi my name is ___"

"Oh hey, what music do you like?"


"Ew rap sucks. It's so annoying! Why do you like it?"

"What you like Rock? Rock sucks!"

So, um, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but don't you think that sorta thing happens a lot? It's all about Rock and Roll, it's all about Rap and Hip-hop. There's never an in between- well there is, and thank god for those people.

I just hate how people can get mad at others for liking what they like. Like, if you like Panic! at the Disco, you like a "Gayass band who sucks" (<-- honestly, that's a good cover). Or if you like Hip-hop or rap, then you're a slut or have no musical taste or whatever. If you like The Beatles, people say, "Oh they're gay and all their songs are happy shit." If you like High School Musical, then you're a disney freak who doesn't know anything but Zanessa.

God, the list goes on, and you know what- it pisses me off.
Why can't people like a band because they enjoy them? Why does everyone have to judge a person by their music taste?

I'm probably being hypocritical in a way, but honestly, I don't want to say "that band sucks", unless I've heard them live. I don't want to say anything about a band unless I've seen them live, because the only way you can really judge a bands talent is live; an even then it's different.

I was complaining to my friend once about how I was starting to like this band again. I didn't want to like them, since so many people claimed them to be sell outs. And you know what he told me? He said, "You like them, and that's all that matters."
Those, I think, were the wisest words I've ever said.

So, you know what, to all those people who changed their view on a band they loved just because of what other people said? Just know, that it's not them listening- but you.

over and out,
Karma Police.

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