Thursday, March 6, 2008

Security--Gone Wild?

Have you ever thought about your sense of security?

If you haven't, I'm sorry to bring you not-so-good news.

Unless you live under a rock (-cough-), you probably already know about the recent school shootings. In fact, whenever you turn on your TV to watch your local news, you're bound to hear "Two men have been shot and killed today, this afternoon. Witnesses claim that the suspect was seen trying to rob the men..." Whenever I hear that, I would think Wow...just imagine. Those two people who got killed...did they even know they were going to die tomorrow? Did they know that their last day was yesterday?

Why is it that these people even DO these things?

Whether or not you like it, people like those shooters exist outside that front door of yours. This is when the question of security comes into play: When are you actually safe? Truth is, you never are. You could be watching your television. You could be eating your dinner. You could be sitting here right now reading this blog post—and yet, you're never safe. How would you know there isn't a gas leak conjuring up in the garage? How would you know a fire is starting in the next room? (okay, that last one was lame...the smoke alarm, duh).

Woah woah woah. Don't be getting too afraid now. It's not like going outside is going to help. Everytime you walk out that front door, you will never know if it's your last. You could be going to the supermarket, and a madman can be waiting there for a shooting. You could be standing on the sidewalk, and in a heartbeat, you could be dead because of gang violence.

Okay, I REALLY apologize if I just rained on your day. But you need to sit down and realize reality at some point in your life. In this world we call life, you will always need to defend yourself. It's a very sad epidemic, but it's happening...and it's spreading like chickenpox wildfire. But the thing is, this is serious! Nowadays, kids can't even go to school knowing that they're safe. Kids don't have that sense of security anymore. Toss in technology and the world of the internet, and all sense of security has abandoned a child. Even a simple site MySpace is becoming a hunting ground for child predators.

Have you ever thought of a "series of events"? No, not A Series of Unfortunate Events. The real deal. Maybe you're thinking of washing your hands. But you decide not to, since you're e-mailing a person. That certain person gets the e-mail, and they stay behind a little longer, being late for work. That person rushes out the door, and drives like mad to work. Another car comes speeding down the road, and a huge accident occurs. That person dies.

Would you feel guilty? Would you regret not washing your hands, and most probably save that person's life because you didn't send that e-mail, and that person would've gone earlier, and that person would not have met that other driver? It's happening...even as you're reading this blog post.

Okay...I think I rained on your day enough...I shall leave now. Let's hope digital delay or stolen apologies can humorify this blog up. Sorry guys—just saying what's the truth.

-the clam.

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