Monday, March 3, 2008


Stupid mistakes.

Everyone makes them. Let it be small or a big disaster, we've all made a mistake in our lives that just begs to be forgiven. You could've broken your mother's favorite vase...gossiped bad about someone...made a dumb mistake on a test that you knew you knew but just didn't write it...or worn your shirt correctly and not backwards.

Sometimes you'll feel like a lump of clay. You're just a stone cold lump of matter that has no brain. Well, in most cases, that's true—I hope I'm not making you feel bad. If you cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend, you deserve to be called a BROWNIE in fact. A brown, rotten brownie.

Anyhow, making a single mistake isn’t going to be the end of the world (unless it meant a loved one's life). You have many ways to redeem yourself. You have tons of opportunities in your lifetime. You just never realize it until it hits you smack hard in the face.

At times, I myself wish I could just travel back in time. Very cliché, huh? But wouldn't it be great, though? You could go back and correct all the wrongdoings you did, and pretended it never happened.

*buzzer sound* If you really think that, you're wrong. If you really did correct all the wrongs you made, then what are you ever going to learn? Life gives us mistakes so that we can learn from it. We have the mistakes that we have so that we can improve ourselves, better ourselves, and hopefully, be a more "productive member of society". (I feel like I've heard that somewhere before...).

Mistakes are mistakes. Deal with it. Live with it. Learn from it.

-the clam.

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