Monday, March 10, 2008


Get this- I react to what my friends write.

What Digital Delay talked about? It made me react.

We all have this thing, and it's called time. How we use it is up to us. Some of us use it wisely, some of us waste it away- but whatever the case it's there. And sometimes, like now we are aware of it.

Ever been asked what you'd do before you die? What you'd do if you died tomorrow?
Suddenly, it feels like you've wasted too much time sitting around on the computer, huh? It's time to go search out the one last thing you can do. That one last thing.

The thing about us human beings, is that we're spoiled. We think that since we're not pushing forty, we've still got a life to live. It's not even half over. Right? They put things off; they get embarrassed to sing in front of people.

What if we all lived life like we just didn't care who noticed?

Think about it;
Karma Police.

p.s. Anyone out there reading? If you are leave a comment.

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1 comment:

em. said...

yep. im actually reading almost every single one :)