Friday, March 7, 2008

Finer Feelings

Have you ever stopped and tried to appreciate everything around for you? Just for a few seconds maybe? Sometimes it can be difficult to do. Still, everyone should do it every now and then. Just imagine, your job just plain sucks. Your co-workers are terrible, and the pay doesn't match the workload. Yet, I'm sure you can think of a million other jobs that could be much worse. Perhaps your parents are treating you "unfairly". At least they provide shelter and food to you. They really do love (at least, they're supposed to) you, since during the course of your life they've probably spent hundreds of thousands of dollars raising you, maybe more. Imagine what would happen if they kept all that money, maybe they'd be living some adventurously fun, exciting life, carefree.

Still, guess you have the right to whine every once in a while. Sometimes, it shocks me how unappreciative I am. What a hypocrite.

For those of you who love your job, your situation, wherever you're at at the moment, maybe living your dreams, then congrats. Most of the rest of the world is quite envious of you. Hope you can continue doing what you do best, and loving it. Also, for everyone else's sake, let's hope you can actually do your job well (they're are plenty out there who can't...). If they don't realize it, they're probably ignorant, or arrogant...Though, they'd probably go all crazy if you say it (say it ain't so, it's probably your fault, not mine, don't blame me....blahblah).

You Talk Way Too Much (i try to tell myself to shut up has never really worked...)

I always laugh at this, so will you
That's a great show

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