Saturday, March 22, 2008

But, Honestly

Contentment is a funny word, at least these days it is. Being content basically means being satisfied. However, in today’s world, content is pretty much happiness. Obviously they’re very different words, but just dig a bit deeper. How many people that you know, if you ask them, would say they’re happy? I’m going to guess not too many. Therefore, we’ll consider the next step down, contentment, essentially happiness. If you know plenty of people who would say they’re happy, then terrific, you’ve surrounded yourself with happy, optimistic people, which can only do good things for you.

Everything today is about having “more”. Perhaps the only exception is that commercial “less is more” for toilet paper or something. Just look at super sized meals, and drinks. People are obsessed with celebrities, who have plenty regular people don’t have. Loving them so much, makes us want to be more like them. People want to be what they conceive as “perfect”. Everybody’s definition of the word will differ, however. Just as everybody’s opinion on “beauty”, or on things like cars, houses, appliances, instruments, electronics, will differ.

You look around yourself, and think when have you ever been content? You want a bigger house, a higher salary, more side-money, better relationships, better people, more stuff, and more. In a previous post, this was mentioned. Yet, while still imagining all the things you could have (and wish you did have), you can still imagine all the things others don’t have. Plenty of people don’t have shelter of any kind at all, plenty make a quarter of the money you do, and a lot of people don’t have a car, or the joy of music, or maybe even friends. There really is almost always someone worse off than you. Still, when thinking of those, the one that immediately comes off stronger in you mind is your situation, not anybody else’s. You will doubtlessly care more about a third-world country’s hunger than your favorite celebrities’ marriage, gossip, or that guitar you’ve been drooling over. Of course, that’s understandable, because all that applies to you.

Randomness (back again)
  1. Apparently, people fall into two categories: love addicts, and love avoiders. They basically mean what they say, oh and...don't quote me on any of this, i just found it somewhere.
  2. How many other people have picks that wear away next to the tip?...
  3. My (current) shirt has a bunch of stuff on it, but it basically it says you (whoever that is) talks too much so shut up.
  4. Who would have thought that, Eric Clapton (from Cream), John Lennon( The Beatles), Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones), and Mitch Mitchell(The Jimi Hendrix Experience) would be on the same stage?
  5. Eric Clapton and Eric Johnson made me appreciate (maybe perhaps even like) the strat. Oh boy, almsot forgot about Jeff Beck (i know there are a billion others, so don't pester me, like we all know Jimi Hendrix, or Stevie Ray Vaughan).
  6. This whole thing is like how Weezer's (ha..the muppets) "Blue" Album influenced them to have one of their other albums copy that and be named the "Green" Album.

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