Monday, March 24, 2008

Stressing out about out stressing.




I can't stress that any further.

Being a human is such a tough job. You constantly have to worry...and you worry when you don’t even know you're worrying. Kids and adults alike, we're all stressed. Humans are made that way.

Let's take a look at an innocent little student:

"Ugh, okay...well, I have math, history, science, and English homework today...don't forget the science fair project...OH! FREAK! THERE'S A PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECT DUE TOMORROW! I haven't even started...not to mention two benchmarks, one test, and one writing exam this week...why, oh why..."

Okay. Now an adult:

"What a tiring day at work...stupid boss...that machine was fixed just moments ago, I swear...I just have to take the blame, don't I, nice-guy...let's see...mail, mail, bill, mail, bill, bill, bill, and bill...FIVE BILLS?! I ain't Bill Clinton am I going to pay all this...I only earn enough to keep my family, I'm hungry...OH **** I FORGOT TO PICK UP CODY FROM PRACTICE!"

You can imagine that adult as a woman or a man...same either way.

It's completely never-ending. As a child, we only get five years of rest (more like actually learning to become a normal person), and then we have to go to school for a minimum of 16 years...then you learn more (if you choose to), get a job...find a family...settle more of your job...survive with your family...get old, know what happens next.

Society has made us like this. We can't do much about it. If you choose not to do well in education, you live on the street...and there goes your life. If you choose not to work your job, say bye to your family and future.

Finances, health, and contentment...these three things are like serial killers waiting to strike at the right moment. Like I stated previously before in my post before this...a person constantly worries if the career they choose will earn them enough money, earn them the right amount of cash to support their lives and family. Then comes health dancing into life. One smack from health will send your life tumbling down. Fearing that a loved one may get health problems is another stressful factor. Then contentment...I just want to restate what digital delay said. Contentment doesn't necessarily mean that a person is happy, or satisfied. A person never truly is happy, but content, yes. Even when you're dead excited about getting a new Wii, there's still a small dormant evil hiding behind your mind, waiting for the right moment to explode and pop your bubble of happiness.

Why, do you ask, am I writing an article on such a depressing, but very surreal, actual event occurring everyday topic? Well...because I'm stressed out myself. This blog was meant to help relieve ourselves...release our feelings, and let others know that they're not the only ones that are dealing with these similar problems us Acquired Minds are having. We're all people, and people behave like people, and people have the same feelings as other people.

Enjoy what's left of your day.

-the clam.

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mourning.glory said...

Pretty good article. :) How's THAT for a self-esteem raiser? haha I'm serious though. I'm stressed too. Blah! The new banner's great by the way.