Monday, March 10, 2008

Pre-Life Lottery: Did YOU Win?

I bet you've probably heard this before...and if not, then you'll hear it now:

"In life, there are three stages. One, you get an education. Two, you get a job. Three, you retire, and enjoy the rest of your life."

For the most part, that's true. Though they skipped the family part...which I personally believe is just as important as a job...but anyways...

I'm here to talk about the mad dilemma called the salary. Yes, salary. It's the amount of money you get for working your job.

Have you ever, ever realized how totally misguided that term salary is? It's supposed to pay more money to people who work harder, right? Wrong.

Let's compare a doctor (the typical stereotype of a high-paying job...hah! There we go with stereotypes again) and a janitor. The doctor completes his ten or so years of college training, and becomes a doctor. He sits at his office, examines people, gives them prescriptions, and he earns more than $100k a year. Then take a look at the janitor. Though he may not have received as much education, he gets on his knees and scrubs toilets everyday, he stands all day mopping the floor, and nearly dies of inhaling all those toxic fumes. And how much does he get paid? Probably a little more than minimum wage.

Let's stop and review for a sec'. Who's the one whose job nearly kills them everyday? Who's the one whose job requires such physical strength to the point of severe arthritis? Turns out, that's the person who gets paid much less. Much, much less. Hmm, Dirty Jobs anyone? Without these people who do all the tough, gritty work, society and civilization would not be possible--so here's an applaud and grateful standing ovation from the clam *clapclap*.

It seems so unfair sometimes. What are the chances of being born a prince of England? What are the chances you're born homeless? Truth is, it's up to life to decide what path our lives will go down. It’s almost like a lottery. A lottery that takes place before you're born. "*picks a ticket out of a box* Baby #6,748,229,463 is going to be an maid. *picks another ticket* Baby #6,748,229,464 is going to be a millionaire businessman."

It's a sad, sad world out there. But remember this one thing: you can change your life to your heart's content, only if you're determined to steer your life in a more different, positive direction.

"You are the pilot of your own life." [Suite Life of Zack & Cody]

-the clam.

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