Monday, March 31, 2008

March's Theme: Stereotypes and Living

Wow, March is already done! It's been pretty fast (at least, to me).

This month, we newly introduced themes, and March's theme was Stereotypes and Living. In only a matter of 31 days, the Acquired Minds yearned out 24 articles (not including this one) all about stereotypes and living your life.

Earlier this month, we had a poll that asked "Have you ever used a stereotype on someone?". The results were not surprising. Only one person responded "Not directly", while everyone else answered "Yes". This just goes to show that everyone, no matter where or when, has used a stereotype. Stereotypes are a very strong epidemic that's spreading like wildfire, and it'll probably never be stopped.

Okay, moving on. From musical stereotypes to a 'guide on how to pick up a chick', we have it all. The following is a summary of all the articles this month. To take a look at them, just go to the 'Archives' to the right and find the name of the article under 'March'.

Teacher Codes: Ever wondered what your teacher really meant?
Don't Make Me a Target: The fantastic world of labels.
Un-Mistakenly: Making mistakes isn't the end of the world.
Airbag: Your own life's safety net is always there.
POSTSECRET: A truly eye-opening blog.
There only exists one Hawk...: It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Lady Hawk!
Security—Gone Wild?: The many things threatening your sense of security.
Finer Feelings: The magic of appreciation.
A Tribute to the Greatest Names in Music: A recollection of exactly what the title says.
music and the world of stereotypes: Being provoked because of your musical tastes.
Mistaken For Strangers: Time is running out.
Time: More discussion on 'time'.
Pre-Life Lottery: Did YOU Win?: How you ended up where you are now.
Fear: Being afraid of what life has got to give.
"They're after me lucky charms!": Info on where St. Patrick's derived from.
A Guide On: How to Pick Up a Chick: Our first duo-article. –burp- Excuse me.
Burn Your Life Down: Being lazy is just one problem.
Feedbacks can now be Acquired: Yay! We have a new feedback email account!
Brighter Than Sunshine: Reality at its best.
But, Honestly: Contentment and happy—two very different things.
Painting a Life Canvas: Choosing the career that you want.
Stressing out about out stressing: I still can't stress that enough.
YOUnique: The things that make your own life uniquely yours.
Wonder here Wander there: Too many questions, too little time.

WHEW! That was one heck of a list. I hope you had a great March with us. Our polls have closed, and our official theme for next month (April) is: Pride and Prejudice. Ooh, this is going to be good...

-the clam.

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my.great.ESCAPE. said...

Dude, I really liked the way you summarized all the articles! Short, simple, and sweet!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, Mr.Clam sir, can we go out of the theme at times? Because some of us want to write reviews for books, movies, cds, etc... and also, some of us can't think of stuff to write that is within that topic. Thank you. Also we would like a raise. Our families are depending on us. Little Timmy hasn't eaten in 3 days!

- karma police/mourning.glory

Anonymous said...

probably, since postsecret and luck charms thing (no offense to the authors)didn't have much to do with "stereotypes and life", so why not?

mr. clam has no money, probably

-not mr.clam

the clam said...

haha OF COURSE! the theme's just there because its just there. its an opinion-blog...write whatever you want. i was going to wait for KP to go on AIM to tell her that...oh well.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Mr. Clam for not going on AIM :( You see I am nocturnal and therefore sleep during the day. But since my spider senses told me you'd left me a comment regarding my (our) question, I woke up to read it. Consider yourself special since I sacrificed for you ;)

I expect a raise.

You're pretty suave there, effortlessly evading the question of a raise.

-K and M.

my.great.ESCAPE. said...

hey! i want a raise too!