Saturday, March 15, 2008

"They're after me lucky charms!"

"Where's me pot o' gold?"

Truth is, there was never a pot of gold to begin with.

The myth of the leprechaun has dated back centuries, the first being recorded c. 1900. Those mischievous green men have sprinkled their Lucky Charms throughout history, past and present. Even today, people are still lurking around to find that rare (and most truly, non-existent) faeries. Yes, leprechauns are faeries.

Are they wealthy? You bet. Why else would people be so desperate to find a leprechaun? Countless stories and tales have recounted the greed of mankind, kidnapping the impossible leprechauns to enhance their own wealth. Binding them up, taping their mouths, and locking them up in cellars—all have been tried. But in the end, the leprechaun's wit and cleverness manages to prevail.

Rarely are leprechauns portrayed as a child, or a young being (except for Lucky the Leprechaun...dang, I want cereal now). Whenever you see a leprechaun being portrayed (let it be a play, a TV show, etc.), it's always an old man. I myself don't even know why.

"OW! Why'd you do that for? I'm wearing green...I think."

That's the usual reaction from folks that neglect the number one rule on St. Patrick's Day: wear green. Everyone knows this, at least, the people who have had been pinched before for not wearing green. For those who have not yet known this, I feel bad for that awful bruise you have there.

YAY for March's theme: Stereotypes and Living (hey, did you notice that new feature?). Why? Because yet again, leprechauns are a general stereotype for Irish people and culture. You might not know it, but Irish folks take great offense when leprechauns are used to depict an Irishmen's living. The image of a leprechaun evokes "greed, money, and wit", and the Irish believe that this hurts Ireland's rich culture. So don't you go prancing around asking Irish people where the leprechaun is (we all know it's at the end of the rainbow...right?). No, seriously. Don't.

Anyhow, Happy St. Patrick's Day. Remember to wear green on the 17th...or feel the pain of the pinch. Hah, pain of the pinch...I crack myself up...'kay, that was entirely cheesy.

-the clam.

P.S. Look out for the special St. Patrick's Day celebration Acquired Minds banner (to be posted tomorrow). ;).

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Anonymous said...

that's not funny :|

Anonymous said...

hahaha the question is...ARE YOUUUU wearing green?! lol